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and current 170-pound champ georges st-pierre. but, first, we begin with a clash between ufc newcomer paolo thiago and veteran josh koscheck. thiago's won his first ten professional fights in a row, but things get a lot tougher when he faces koscheck, one of the best fighters to come out of san jose's american kick boxing academy. first, here is our rules of the octagon. three judges will score the bout. the duration: 3 five-minute rounds. for our championship fights: 5 five-minute rounds. as always, a ten-point must scoring system is in effect with the winner of the round gaining 10 points, his opponent nine or less based on effective striking, grappling, aggression and octagon control. now here is mike goldberg. mg: sold out o2 arena, london, england. mike goldberg, joe rogan set for a great battle in the ufc's welterweight division. a member of the original ultimate fighter cast, highly decorated wrestler josh koshcheck faces the brazilian paolo thiago. thiago, making his ufc debut tonight, unbeaten in his mma career. he'll have his hands full with josh koscheck. our tale of the tape for
with former heavy weight champion, turned entrepreneur, george foreman. this is his 40th debut, following his performance at the 1968 summer olympics. his book is called knockout entrepreneur. and journalist fred kaplan on the 50th anniversary of the events o 1959. in his critically acclaimed new book, kaplan argues that many changes in american society that we shoshiate with the 60's and beyond began to take place in fact in 1959. heavy weight champion, george foreman and fred kaplan coming up. >> wal-mart is looking forward to building stronger communities and relationships. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. tavis and nationwide insurance. working to improve financially literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: george foreman is a two-time heavy weight champion who has been a successful entrepreneur. his latest is called knock-out entrepreneur. he joins us from new york. nice to have you on the program. >> i'm happy to be with yo
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't you feel guilty paying so little? >> i'm george oliphant, and on "open house to the rescue," find out where all of this came from. wow, you guys weren't kidding. this room really is stuck in the '70s. >> and tips on personalizing your place with mosaics. >> the mosaics bring so much life and color and movement to the walls. >> plus, luxury living along the east coast countryside. >> from the balcony, we overlook the pool. simply put, this is the grandest view from any home. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "open house." we're your weekly guide to the country's real estate market. whether you're buying, selling, redesigning or just dreaming, we've got you cered. today, i'm coming to you from this 4,000-square-foot, pre-war, loft-style apartment in midtown east. this full-floor home features a great room, a formal dining room, four large bedroom suites and a chef's kitchen. in addition to all the amenities of its full-service building. this is classic new york city living. now, this week on "price fix," our real estate guru barbara corcoran tells homeowner st
. >>> then -- >> i think the american people are right about this. >> george will's call to pull out of afghanistan is drawing fire from the defense secretary and his fellow conservatives. he'll respond today in our roundtable. along with matthew dowd katrina van heuvel. >>> and, as always, the sunday funnies. >> president obama pla to a make televised speech to the nation's students during the school hours. many republicans are planning to keep their kids home from school in protest. those kids have voted obama the in protest. those kids have voted obama the best president ever. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and as the president enjoys the final day of his summer break, we begin with one of his closest confidants, robert gibbs. welcome back. we have to begin with this news that came in overnight. ran jones, the president's green jobs czar, at about 12:12 a.m., he resigns. he said he's the victim of a vicious smear campaign, saying people are using lies and distortions to distract and divide the country. does the president believe that he's the victim of a vicious smear campaign or does he bel
a mobile above the crib. but i've chosen something that's black and white. >> i'm george and in "open house" we'll find out where all this came from. hi, kate, hi, lauren. what's that in there? ok. well, consider it done. >> plus, we'll go behind the gates of a private garden estate. >> we want an exceptional master suite. and this is truly that suite. [captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> welcome to "open house," we are your weekly guide to your country's real estate market whether your buying, selling or just dreaming, we've got your covered. we're coming from brentwood. inside a seven bedroom, seven and a half bath how many. this is reminiscent of english royalty and offers a spacious master sweet. 1,500 wine cellar. real estate export barbara corchran will tell this homer how much her home is really worth in today's market. >> hi, i'm barbara, today on price fix, i'm here with nicole on east 22nd street. and we're going to find out exactly what her apartment is really worth. nicole, when did you buy the apartment and what did you pay? >> we bought the apartment a year and a hal
because when people think of the republican party they think of newt gingrich. george w. bush. tom delay,ick armey, guys with texas twangs. >> host: what's wrong with that? >> gue well, ray -- nald reagan and barack obama both have been ableo find the middle of american political life and maybe it's a midwestern sensibities. i'm not exactly sure what it is but we just can't be confined to the south. younow, why did ronald reagan offend so my pple in europ because at the time even though he was right and was proven right and i think he freed about 100 billion europeans there was that cowboy swagger that scared them. even reagan who i never saw that in him. george w. bushad that swagger. same with delay and sort of, and it just dsn't translate well in new england. >> host: get -- let's get to the book. i have a million questions but let me preface i wit this. whe you were a young one coming up, when you were a young man living in florida at some points you became political. you ma a decision to be a conservative. you made a decision to be a repuican or you started yourself, or you started
will be a big topics this week with george stephanopoulos, who joins us live to talk about the interview he did with robert gates. what did secretary gates have to say about the report that warranted the united states failure in afghanistan of more troops are not sent over? >> we had an extended conversation about that. it appears that in the wake of that report, there is a big risk between the military leadership in afghanistan and his other boss, all saying that more troops are needed right now. the president and secretary gates are saying that we have to rethink their strategy. i asked him about the potential for a raft, and about when the president will make the decision. you have people like john mccain that say that every day it goes by, it puts american soldiers at risk. he told me the president will make the situation -- to make the decision within weeks. >> thank you so much. we can see all of the interview with secretary gates on "this week with george stephanopoulos ." >>> the weekend is now upon us. what do we look forward to? >> we hope to see a nice clearing trend for kids' games.
on a second, george. you and i are both paying 900 bucks on average, our families, in higher premiums because of uncompensated care. what i'm saying, if you can't afford health insurance, you shouldn't be punished for that. if on the other happened, if we're given tax credits, you're part of a big pool, we have driven down the cost, we have done everything we and you can't afford health insurance and you decide, i want to take my chances, you get hit by a buzz -- >> that may be, but it's still a tax increase. >> that's not true, george. for us to say that you got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is not a tax increase. it's saying that we're not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you. right now, everybody in america has to get auto insurance. nobody considers that a tax increase. people say to themselves, that is a fair way to make sure that if you hit my car that i'm not covering all of the cost and it may be fair and good public policy. >> george, you can't make up that language and decides this's call a tax increase. if i say, that, right now, your premiums
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: washington teachers union president george parker responded by saying he cuts would be deaf stating and he questioned why the system hired 900 new teachers to wind up announcing layoffs. >>> here's a look at what we are tomming this morning. dc fire and ems are searching for the cause of a fire that broke out in northwest. it began at 7:00 this morning on the 57 600 block of 15th street. we have been told that some hung sheets outside of the window and escape. they were evidence virtually rescued by firefighters using ladders. ten people were treated for smoke inhalation. we'll be right back after these messages. stay with 9 news now. >>> police are searching for three teenagers that stabbed a man in a subway restaurant. police say an argument broke out between the worker and three girls before the girl allegedly attacked the man. he was treated at a hospital louis in the chesapeake bay is getting worse according to a new report by environment maryland. they say overfishing and pollution are taking their toll and it is having an impact on the economy of the state. >>> now check in with kim
are you saying there a movement to nullify health care if it passes? >> george, in the legal sense, i think the court has addressed these issues. in the political arena and common sense arena, we need to have a clear understanding what the federal government does well and what should be reserved to the states. we have essentially obama care that has been deployed in two states. tennessee, a democratic governor said, hey look, we tried this cost savings as a way to fund a major overhaul of health care and it didn't work. he's in the news this morning, saying don't go down that path. we have another state, massachusetts, who tried essentially the same thing, they have the most expensive health care in the country and it is not working. >> are you suggesting any parts of the plan that the president has laid out is unconstitutional? >> i wouldn't say it's a legal issue, it was raising it as a practical matter. >> secretary sebelius, what about that? the governor says there are two places where it's been tried and hasn't worked. >> well, i think -- first, good morning, governor pawlenty an
are getting very nervous. >> one of those opponents , he seemed to echo something that general george casey, that there's simply too much stress on our forces now for a big surge. not only are our troops being run ragged, our equipment is being run ragged. at some point in time, the bill for that equipment will come due. >> very legitimate concern. recruitment is at all-time highs. this has been a strain on these men and women, incredible strain. but nothing helps morale more than victory. it took our military more than a decade to recover from the loss in vietnam and yet, now that we have succeeded in iraq and we've got a long ways to go, then i'm confident that our military will do what's necessary and they'll do it because they know that the mission they're carrying out is one of vital importance to our national security. >> more than a decade to succeed? >> a year to 18 months if we implement the strategy right away. i sympathize with the president, the left base of his party, american people are wary of this conflict. i do have sympathy for the president making this decision. it's the
and an increasingly skeptical american public? george stephanopoulos joining us to break down the big speech. >>> plus, robin roberts has an exclusive interview with the president as we visit the top hospital that inspires him. a special edition of "nightline," the healthcare fight starts right now. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm terry moran. and we begin tonight with president obama's major speech on healthcare reform. it was an urgent call to action. one that bluntly even emotionally challenged what he called the scare tactics of some of his republican opponents. but when the president admitted that some of the tough details of his plan still need to be ironed out, lawmakers from both parties laughed out loud. and at one point a republican member of congress actually heckled the president yelling at him, you lie! well, the deep divide reflects just how entrenched this healthcare fight has become. it was another high pressure moment for president obama. >> madam speaker, the president of the united states. >> he has lived on the political high wire from the campaign, t
program. i am joined by my old friend george lobsenz, editor "the energy daily," which i was happy to be associated with. gil klein, nice to have you on the broadcast. we are joined again by michelle jamrisko of the "kyodo news, the japanese news agency likely associated press in britain. and she does write in english. well, she is very clever, so maybe she writes in japanese as well. i do not know. i have always been fascinated by japanese translators doing the translation. it is very difficult, but there you are. claude salhani, what are we going to do in the middle east? your book, does it tell us? >> yes, it touches on what -- >> should we wait until it is published and the whole thing will be resolved? >> no, i think there is room for -- >> continuing to live off this and this story. >> the book talks about the bush years, the impact it has had on the middle east, and where president obama is trying to go with his plan. >> and how is he succeeding? he is not getting on as well, especially with the israelis and prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> he [s not. the prime ministe
george's county police released photos today as they investigate what appears to be a highly organized ring r caink-s and burglaries and credit card fraud. >> reporter: the camera captures women leaving the store with two kids after using stolen credit cards fill a po reporter: he suspects the kids may be along for a reason. >> kids are a distraction. it could just be a employ they are using. >> reporter: the photo is one of dozens now in the hands of police as they track what they believe is a well organized group that may be linked to as many 50 auto and home break-ns around college park since the beginning of august. in search of credit cards. >> they are using the credit cards going to area stores, purchasing items, purchasing gift cards. >> reporter: this video shows a suspect on the right who has just bought a big screen t.v. behind him a woman who actually did the transaction with the stolen car. there they are carting off the t.v. police believe it is the same woman who showed up in the photo with the kids to buy more. she is on the right. other shoppers are outraged. >> if the
to this week's host george stephanopoulos about the afghanistan war report. we will talk with george stephanopoulos live. why are areas seeing a spike in sales and having a difficult time keeping up with demand? >> and clarice guys hanging over most of the viewing area. showers over the weekend with a touch of sunshine. we will give the the timing touch of sunshine. we will give the the timing still to comeome there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all ous. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about. chevy silverado. more confidence than ford f-150. better backed than f-150. at a value f-150 can't touch. silverado. from the family of the most dependable, longest lasting full size p
moments. >> the pipeline between hillary clinton and george stephanopolous. >> it was fun watching obama on the shows is how many times he would use the word rude. i think it was counted up the number of times he said it this is a rude thing, rude thing, rude thing. fun to watch his mind work cable news is like the world wrestling fed rage. he has a sense of the true dynamic of media. >> are the media his enablers? >> i don't think so. every time you see a show about afghanistan you see a poll americans don't want to be there any longer. they put mcconnell right after him and lindsay gram came out to pull apart anything he said. george stephanopolous to find mariam webster's tax, what is is tax and what isn't? >> we have enabled him a little bit in the sense that he has an easy ride for so long. he didn't reall appreciate opposition, shc te g sucash ridbe more prepa >>ge when george bush wasn a tubing >>ememberobert moral. there's still some of that why dn't they want to raise cha stoning. >> another of those discussions. if you come out about the media bias e-mail us at ta
welfare as we know it. george will objected at the time, so did daniel patrick moynihan, but there you have it. it could be a problem. to answer the question abo what should be done, i'm terrible at this, the mechanics of parties. but i'll tell you one thing where i differ with most observers in all of this, and this mayave, hold one clue. i'm aually not one of those who think the republican party went wrong when it ceased to be conservative. i actually think it got in trouble when the conservative idealogues took over. i think we'd be better off with at least one republican legislator from the northeast, a representative in congress. you kno back in the days of late '50s and early '60s there was talk of there not being tw parties in america, but the four. there were presidential parties and legislative parties. that's partly, by the way, why eisenhower and fdr also wanted to form a new party. it's because they saw everything deadlocked and stymied in congress often by conservatives in the wrong party, so they wanted to create realignment. but we nowot only don't have the four-party sy
that i think clinton actuay did, he teamed up with gingrich to end welfare as we know it. george will objective at the time and so did patrick moynihan but there you have it. it could be a problem. to answer the question abou what should be don h will tell you one place where i differ with most observers in all of this and this may have-- i am actually not one of those who think the republican party went wrong when it ceased to be conservative. i actuay think it got in trouble when the conservative ideologues took over. i think we would be better off with at least one republican legislator from the northeast and a representative in congress. back in the days of the late '50s and early '60s there was talk of there not been to parties in america but for. there were presidential party zen legislative parties and that is partly by the way white eisenhower and fdr also wanted to form a new party because they saw everything deadlock in stymied in congress often by conservatives with their own party so they wanted to drake realignmts. we now not only don't have the four party system any
, even promoting a new tv series with george lopez? yes, that, too. when is it too much? >> the worry is is beyond overexposure and now we have the obama omnipresence. you almost cannot escapehe president. >> others say you cannot keep the star power of about. am i think he is one of the most gifted political communicators we have seen in presidential history. telling president obama to stay out of the media is like telling frank sinatra to stay away from the microphone. >> if after all those appearances you think he is taking a break, you would be wrong. he will appear on david letterman monday night. >>> george stephanopoulos -- let's go back to our developing story from montgomery county. a woman' body has been discovered in a storage container in the backyard of her home in silver spring. the police ha tentatively identified the woman as 35-year- old rosa vasquez, whose ex- husband reported her missing september 1. officers have arrested a 17 - year old and have charged him as an adult. they believe that he killed vasquez during an argument. >>> montgomery county police are lookin
on the shows, having to to say or have george stephanopoulos pulling out the dictionary and saying define tax. >> one of the great moments-- the pipeline between hillary clinton and george stephanopoulos? it was fun watching obama on the shows, how many times he would use the word rude. i think it was media countered the time, rude thing, rude thing, part of his talking points and fun to watch his mind works in terms of saying cable news is like the world wrestling federation, he's got a sense of the true dynamic of the media. >> well, are the media his enablers? >> well, again, no, i actually don't think so, every time you see a story about afghanistan, for example, you see a poll that says, by the way, americans don't want to be in there much longer. when they booked him on the sunday shows they booked mitch mcconnell after him and john boehner and lindsey graham and came out to pick apart everything he said and to your point, george stephanopoulos, a low moment in sports for obama to define merriam-webster what is a tax and what isn't. >> i think they've enabled him a little bit he's gotte
's the problem with the public health option? >> many of us believe, george, it will undermine the private insurance system. and that's one of the criticism of the direction that the house of representatives took. 55% of those covered with insurance today are covered through a private insurance model. 45% of r covered through a public model. so, many of us would like to take the president at his word which is let's not completely revised the whole system. i'm with jay n the sense, if we can find a middle ground here, where we can keep insurance honest, regulate insurance, so that there is competition in the market, we may achieve the goal in a different way. >> one way that's talked about this proposal put forward by olympia snoe of washington. >> i have to say, both jay and i can agree what democrats want and i'm hoping that some republicans will join us in this effort, and not leave americans out there with an expensive system out there, i hope that we can agree that we've got to have a reformed market where individuals can buy insurance that's affordable. where small businesses get a ch
president. outsourcing is still there. what ever happened to the fierce urgency of now? >>> george will almost knocked me over this morning. he said we ought to get out of afghanistan. george, where the heck were you five years ago, buddy? all that, a great panel and she just can't stay out of "the ed show," psycho talker michele bachma bachmann. back at it. first tonight's "on-ed." >>> okay, so democrats, we took one for the team. we've lost the month of august. at least that's the narrative out there. today's a new month. i want to put some confidence back in the democratic tackle box if i may. now, i've been doing town hall meetings all over the country in the last six months. over the weekend i was in indiana and colorado. this weekend the message clear from the democratic folks, leadsers, you got to stand your ground. that's right. hold your ground. stand up for what this election was all about, change we can believe in. the democrats, i have to say, have been shaken by town hall mobsters. keep in mind these are the fringys. they are a very small element that makes the great c
reporters she declined the offer for the date, obviously. they say civilry is dead. >> i am gay, george. >> here it comes. >> i think i'm in love with you. george, please -- take me, choose me, george. please! ok. please choose me, may i kiss you, please? >> apparently everybody loves george clooney. this man proclaimed his love for the heartthrob at a press conference in venice. he's there promoting his movie "man who stare at goats." i think that's the story. what in the world is that movie about? always a gentleman george clooney let the man down easy saying he applauded himself for putting himself out there and it hurts to be rejected. >> i can't say i blame the guy. >> really? >> kiss me, george. kiss me. >>> ♪ you say you want a beatles rock band♪ oh, sorry. the fab four coming to a living room near you. i promise jamie won't sing. >> anybody have a neck brace? >> you could dress up as a goat. good morning. 6:41. we're watching rain across the area which means take the umbrella, light jacket. temperature cool and it will get breezy today. we're aiming for a high around 72, 7
be based on race. george stephanopoulos asked him about that when his interview was taped this afternoon, and george is joining us. george? >> reporter: charlie, we spent about 20 minutes with the president in the roosevelt room off the oval office. he's pushing health care this week, but we covered a lot of other ground, including the questions about race. white house officials dismissed those who say that racism is motivating the president's opponents, but this was the first time the president addressed it personally, and i asked him if it frustrated him that his allies like president carter see racism in places where he doesn't think it's in play. >> well, look -- i think that race is such a volatile issue in this society, always has been, that it becomes hard for people to separate out race being sort of a part of the backdrop of american society, versus race being a predominant factor in any given debate. and what i've said, when we talked about during the campaign, are there some people who don't like me because of my race? i'm sure there are. are there some people that vote me onl
am gay, george. >> here it comes. >> i think i'm in love with you. attorney general, please - >> see how george clooney handles this obnoxious fan. >>> and hands off the booming business one couple started because they wanted to keep swine flu germs off their babies. i had chronic muscle pain all over. and i was so tender to the touch-- but i didn't know why. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia. and then he recommended lyrica... fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. so now, i'm learning what a day is like with less pain. lyrica is not for everyone. tell your doctor about any serious allergic reaction that causes swelling or affects breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people. some of the most common side effects of lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. do not d
in prince georges county. the man was critically injured, however police say it started in largo where detectives were looking for a murder suspect. the saur is that correct was in the 2900 block of largo road when he took off in a car. police chased him across the d.c. line and through northeast washington. an officer in principles georges' county was involved in the shooting. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you more information as we get it. >>> another breaking story this morning. the man charged with killing the security guard at the holocaust museum has just been arraigned in federal court. chris is standing by with the latest. this is his first court appearance after being critically injured in the shooting, right? >> reporter: he was brought in in a wheelchair. the headline is he spoke on his own against the advice of his lawyer, three times, here at the u.s. courthouse. it all happened within the past hour. here is what happened. his public defendant defender a he be sent for a mental competency evaluation. he said his client disagreed with this. at that point, van b
hit. >> reporter: oh the pain of paying for textbooks. hardship for george mason student rachel taylor . >> i find it really helpful. because i don't make enough money to be able to pay for anything outright. >> reporter: recent word around campus is that state support will soon be slashed. combined total cuts to higher education across the state equal nearly $200 million. george mayon will lose nearly $18 million. >> the headlines we have been reading for the past year you can't say it is unexpected. >> that's unheard of considering the struggle we have already gone through. >> reporter: combine that struggle with the recession. >> you need that degree now and it is not just the bachelor's degree you are also going for your masters just to equal what batch losh's bachelor's was four years ago. >> education is the fundamental aspect of a healthy associate it were. >> reporter: students say go ahead and call them bias, but that's how they feel. >> there is, however, some good news on the local public school front in virginia. no state funding will be cut since those budgets are already
assume you don't have anything new to say. >> reporter: barack obama is about even with george w. bush and bill clinton on the number of press conferences he's given, but when it comes to interviews, clinton had don 46 by this point. bush, 40. president obama? 124. there was only one television network where the president didn't appear today, fox news. that was the only network that didn't air the president's speech last week. coincidence? not likely. a white house spokesperson told abc news, quote, we figured fox would rather show "so you think you can dance." >> how dare you! >> reporter: the president is facing increasingly vocal opposition, which some say leaves him little choice. >> what happens if he doesn't talk? then that space to diskugsz the issue is going to fall to his critics. >> reporter: overexposed? maybe. but in this debate that's complicated, and emotional, underexposure could be just as risky. rachel martin, abc news, washington. >>> one of the president's five stops on his tour today was "this week with george stephanopoulos." and george is here now with more on the
on the george washington parkway. the damage vehicle was moved on to the shoulder. southbound on the george washington parkway, nothing to report. let's see. here we are live in the district. we're could on the george washington parkway north of reagan airport. no issues on the dulles toll road. this is traffic on the 95 corridor in virginia. is is to get up towards the pentagon. nothing to report on 66. route 4, route 5, 228 is uneventful. we will say about the defense of the wet weather. >> a lot of alliteration going on there. we have some sprinkles up t 270 corridor and up towards martinsburg. there will be a better chance for some increased intensity. temperatures -- we're mainly in mid 60's. belt so, 65. we may get to near about 70. -- belts stilville, 65. this will start to move west word. it will bring some of the heavier moisture that has been along the coast more in line with our area. mostly it later in the day, late afternoon and evening. cloudy near 60. tomorrow, rain will be less intense. saturday begins a little gray. may be a morning show or. it looks good into early next we
created with your money. and from the rumble in the jungle to the george foreman grill, the champion gives you his secrets for success. step into the ring, it's time for "your money." >>> hello, everyone, welcome to "your money" i'm christine romans. ali velchi is getting your reaction to president obama's latest attempt to spur the country to pass the health care reform. it's still early in his administration, but he knows his legacy could hang in the balance. >> i'm not the first president to take up this cause. but i'm determined to be the last. >> it is make or break time. will the president get this done? let's bring in our cnn senior political analyst, gloria borger and gloria reuben, host of cnn's "dr. radio." gloria, will he get it done? >> i think in the end, the president is going to get something passed. and whatever he gets passed, he's going to call health care reform. he's got a majority of democrats, the question is, how many votes do they get from the republicans. i think maybe one, maybe two in the senate. probably not very many in the house. but he's going to get somethin
unsolved crimes, including a series of prostitute murders in the 1990s. nbc's george lewis is in antioch, california, with the latest on the investigation. george, tell us more about this bone fragment they found. >> reporter: yeah. it was a single fragment of bone. they do not know whether it was animal bone or human bone. they want to be very careful about sifting through all of this evidence. so it's going to take a while, probably weeks, for laboratory studies to be made on this. but what they're looking for is any tie-in between phillip garrido and a series of unsolved murders in this area, including the murders of three prostitutes whose bodies were dumped in an industrial area near where garrido once worked. they're also looking at unsolved kidnapping cases in the area. and there's a young woman named -- a girl named michaela garrett who was kidnapped in 1988, a few years after garrido went out on parole from an earlier rape and kidnapping conviction. they're looking at her because the method of her abduction was very similar to that of jaycee dugard. and there is a resemblance be
except for the last 4 years. >> did he hate george bush too? >> he didn't hate george bush. he completely disagreed with jimmy carter's policies. jimmy carter was a horrible president. we need to forget. jeff, do you think jimmy carter was a good president? one of the worst presidents in history. >> jimmy carter was a good president in comparison to george w. bush, to ronald reagan to destroyed the economic basis of the country. >> jimmy carter was terrible. >> a. b., i want to ask you, did the former president put the white house in an untenable position? everybody is talking about this right now on the heels of yesterday's house action. you know, where's the good news here? >> there's not a lot of good news on health care today, as you know, ed. it's really -- today was a momentum killer as we'd like to say. >> wait a minute, a.b. four out of the five bills out of the house -- or out of the congress are for the public option. so i will say that we've got great momentum. finish your answer. >> not over yet. >> okay. in terms of getting votes for a bill that actually becomes law, that wil
in prince george county and got away. the women inside the car was not injured. >>> we are learning details about a man accused of killing a yale student, annie le. there are reports, the suspect, raymond clark, was a controlling person and often clashed with researchers in the science lab where he worked. he sent a text message to le on the day she disappeared. he wanted to talk about the clenlyness of the mouse. investigators saw him trying to hide cleaning equipment that was spattered with blood. >>> police charged a 13-year-old boy with starting a wildfire near los angeles. it burned nearly 2,000 acres. police have not accused him of starting another fire. if convicted, he could be sent to a juvenile facility until he turns 25. >>> the report on birth control and climate change. >>> a big interruption for folks trying to enjoy a meal. >>> we'll have from joe wilson. >> we need to discuss the >>> the jewish new year begins at sundown tonight. it begins a period of personal reflection. they celebrate with foods including apples dipped in honey. it continues through yon kippur. >>> prince
on a suspect after a pursuit through maryland. this all started in ne arundel county through prince georges county, and it ended in the 3600 block of minnesota avenue southeast. audrey barns is joining us live from the scene with more information. audrey? >> as you can see behind me this is a very active crime scene involvinpolice from several different jurisdictions. i made a quick count and saw 20 different police vehicles and 50 officers from various departments that are here. so, let me tell you what we know so far. all of is started in anne arunl -- actually in prince georges county this morning. officers were asked by anne arundel county police to go to man's home to serve a murder warrant. he's apparently wanted for at least one murder and possibly two in prince georges county. the man fled and the chase was on. the suspect car jacked the victim at that point and police gave pursuit. he made his way to the district and crashed the suv that he had car jacked here in the 3600 block of minnesota avenue southeast. now, prince georges county police got in to a shootout with the suspect. w
this week. a lot of people were saying what does george will know about the military? whatever he knows, he's very influential and they need republicans on this more than anything. >> a list of republicans wrote obama as a candidate, but now say hang on in there in iraq. gwen: let me take ack -- make a point about george will. when i say that barack obama presented a strategy for pakistan and afghanistan in march. and what they have chosen to do is a counter insurgency campaign. george will is suggesting a different kind of implementation of the same strategy. it is a debate that people should have in this country about how they want barack obama's strategy implemented. you heard secretary gates say no way is it time to get out of there. essentially george will is saying do the droughns, air strikes, special forces. gwen: i have to ask you all this question because we're almost out of time. are we all getting wiied up -- it's the president's term. or is the honeymoon over? >> the honeymoon is over in certain areas. it's not over but they're not buying. the american people are skeptical. on
of democrats who even wanted to conduct an investigation in 1991 -- let me finish -- when george bush did the same exact thing. then it was the left wing and the mainstream media that was outraged that george bush would think about politicizing school by delivering a speech in class in 1991. now, everything's okay with that. i've got to say, i thought it was okay in 1991, and i think it's okay now, but all of these people wringing their hands. >> oh, my gosh, i don't know. >> i'm sorry, the only difference is -- >> school districts? >> the only difference is that in 1991, the mainstream media was outraged that a president was speaking in class. this time, they're going, what's the big deal? what's the big deal? so obviously you can understand why a lot of conservatives -- >> might be a little frustrated. that's a good point. different angle of looking at it. >>> a u.n. is ordering a recount of ballots in afghanistan after finding "convincing evidence of fraud in last month's presidential election." returns gave president hamid karzai 54% of the vote. nbc's richard engel who has been embed
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